Ancestors of Sir Robert Nedham and Frances Aston

Sir Robert Nedham and Frances Aston

Husband Sir Robert Nedham

           Born: 1535 - Cranage, Cheshire
           Died: 18 Dec 1603
         Buried:  - Adderley, Shropshire

         Father: Thomas Nedham (Est 1505-      )
         Mother: Anne Talbot (      -      )


Events in his life were:
Occupation, Vice President of Council, Marches of Wales

Residence - Shavington, Shropshire

Occupation, High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1564

Occupation, High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1586

Occupation, High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1596

Wife Frances Aston

           Born: 1533 - Sivall, Co. Stafford
         Buried: 31 Aug 1601 - Adderley, Shropshire

         Father: Sir Edward Aston Of Tixall (      -      )
         Mother: Joan Bowles (      -1562)

1 M Sir Robert Nedham 1st Viscount Kilmorey

           Born: Est 1560 - Shavington, Shropshire
           Died: 1631 - Shavington, Shropshire
         Buried: 26 Nov 1631 - Adderley, Shropshire
         Spouse: Jane Lacy (      -      )
           Marr: 10 Aug 1596
         Spouse: Anne D'oyley (      -      )
           Marr: 14 Oct 1594
         Spouse: Catherine Robinson (      -1628)
           Marr: 1627
         Spouse: Dorothy Smith (      -1639)
           Marr: Abt 1629

2 M Thomas Nedham

           Born: Est 1565
           Died:  - Pool Park, Ruthin, Denbeigh
         Spouse: Lady Eleanor Bagenal (      -      )
           Marr: 20 Jul 1601 - Trinity Church, Chester

3 F Anne Nedham

         Spouse: Robert Powell (      -      )

4 F Maude Nedham

         Spouse: John Aston (1572-1615)
           Marr: 1611

5 F Dorothy Nedham

           Born: 1570 - Cranage, Cheshire
         Buried: After 1630
         Spouse: Lord Richard Chetwode (      -      )

6 F Mary Nedham

         Spouse: Thomas Oslow (      -      )
         Spouse: Sir Robert Vernon (      -      )

7 F Elizabeth Nedham


General Notes (Husband)

Held important commands in the Army, in War in Ireland
About 1611 the English government started the infamous "Plantation of Ulster" whereby King James I began his re-population of Ireland with old English families loyal to the King. The Needham family was among his chief "planters", one Robert Needham of Shavington [Shenton], Shropshire, whose son Sir Robert Needham, KB who went to Ireland was granted the Barony of Orhera in Co Armagh among other lands in Co Down by James I (1603--1625) in the 10th year of his reign and created Viscount Kilmorey on April 18, 1625 by King Charles I.
The original grant of Orhera was made to Arthur Bagnall sometimes spelled Bagenal whose ancestor, Sir Nicholas Bagenal was granted the Barony by his late Majesty King Edward VI in 1552. Arthur Bagnall was the son of Ellen Bagdall, daughter of Sir Henry Bagenal and Thomas Needham of Poolpark, younger brother to Robert Needham, created Viscount Kilmorey in 1625.
The Bagenals died out in 1708 in the person of Nicholas Bagenal by whose will his estates were divided between his cousins, Edward Bayly and Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey. Under the terms of a division in 1716 between Edward Bayly and Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey, Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey, received the Irish estates, including the Barony of Orhera.
Orhera, by its older name, Orier Bar or by its modern name, Orior Lower, has remained with the Needhams, now Earls of Kilmorey, Viscounts Kilmorey, Mourne and Newry since early in the 17th century. The Barony, which lies east of the Co Down border and 12 miles south of Lough Neagh in Co Armagh occupies approximately 31, 927 acres.
As of October 1996, Sir Richard Francis Needham, 6th Earl of Kilmorey (Queen's Co), 17th Viscount Kilmorey, 7th Viscount Mourne & Newry (Co Down), Hereditary Abbot of the Exempt Jurisdiction of Mourne & Newry, Privy Councilor of the House of Commons is the 17th Feudal Baron of Orhera, Co Armagh, one of 331 Barons of Ireland. Kilmorey is pronounced Kilmurry.
Seventeen generations of the Needham family have been the Barons <file:///F:/WebPage2/baron.htm> of Orhera since 1625.
The Needham family Blazon of Arms and Crest <file:///F:/WebPage2/needham.htm>
The official Kilmorey papers. <>
Sir John Needham, <> 10th Viscount


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