Camping in our woods - August 2009
  Since I retired, I have been able to archive much of the family history and documentation I have collected. To link in to the family history pages click the button below.
  I have put some of these into print, so you can buy them from by clicking on the book cover - they're surprisingly inexpensive (I make no commission, by the way!)

The lives of Charles Lack, Professor of Pathology at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, and Geraldine Lack, C.B.E., Pioneer in girls education.

The 'Missionary Descendants of William Dixon' include Rev. Thomas Buddle, pioneer Methodist missionary to New Zealand, Rainsford Bavin, and Edna Bavin, Beatrice and Charles N. Lack, missionaries to China at the time of the Boxer riots.
A Biographical Memoir of Luke Hansard, Parliamentary Printer, and a collection of his memorable letters to his children.

Notes on the Life of William Byam, a Royalist who was exiled first to Barbados and thence to Surinam, where he was appointed Governor.

Memoirs of a wonderful lady missionary, Beatrice Lack, who worked in China early in the 20th Century. Shavington House was in the Nedham family for 400 years.
The Byam Family was staunchly Royalist in the Civil War. This account, written in 1862, give a comprehensive account of their involvement from its beginning to the Restoration A transcript of a pamphlet written by Sanford to justify himself after his exclusion from Surinam by Byam in 1660
One of the earliest books on gardening to be written in English in 1574, this book covers gardening, herbalism, weather, beekeeping and grafting in one volume, offering a fascinating insight into the extent of the understanding of the natural world of plants and diseases in Tudor times, when Queen Elizabeth was on the throne of England, and Mary Queen of Scots her prisoner. A reprint of a booklet by Rev. Hilary Jackson describing the Castle of Walworth and the three families - Hansard, Jenison and Aylmer, that lived there for 800 years

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